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Global vs. Location-Targeted Advertising

You can set the scope of your advertising to match your type of business. If you own a dance studio in New York, narrow the scope so that you advertise only to dancers from New York. If you own a website about no specific place, broaden the scope to cover the entire globe!

Location-targeted advertising gives you the opportunity to advertise a dance studio, competition, store, or any other business which is limited to a specific geographical location. At this time, the narrowest scope available for advertising is at the country, state or province level. Advertisers in the USA, Canada, and Australia can target a specific state or province. All others are only available at the country level. (In the future, city-level advertising may become available, but it is not possible at this time).

Location-targeted banner ads may appear on any page on this website where the visitor has indicated his or her location. Such pages include the users control panel ("My BDC"), the Classifieds (partner search and costume exchange), and the Dance Directory (teachers, studios, etc).

Global-level advertising is best for websites and businesses which can accommodate visitors or customers worldwide. Global level ads can appear on almost any page on this website, including the homepage, video window, and learning center. To qualify for the global rate (see rates for more info), your business or website must not be geographically specific.

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