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The Back Walk

The following is an analysis of a backward walk. To improve your own dancing, work slowly through the phases of the walking action as a daily warm-up exercise.

Begin standing upright with feet together.

Keeping the body weight directly over the standing foot, begin to flex the knees. At the same time, the ball of the moving foot should begin to move backwards along the floor.

Begin to move the body weight backward between the feet, releasing the toe of the standing foot from the floor. The moving foot should continue to extend backward, with the toe in contact with the floor.

At the full extent of the stride, the body weight is equally divided between the feet, with the forward toe and back heel up. At this point, the moving foot will become the standing foot (and vice-versa).

As the body weight approaches the new standing foot, the free foot is pulled inward wit h the heel moving along the floor. At the same time, the knees will begin to flex and the heel of the back foot will slowly lower. It should make contact with the floor at the same time the body weight arrives completely on the new standing foot.

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