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Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Nettie
6/30/2008  7:57:00 AM
Jack MvGregor was my uncle and we just found out today that Bemil, his wife, died in February.; This means my mother, his sister, Agnes, is the last of the family and she is feeling very low. Does anyone have any video footage of Jack and Bemil dancing? My mum would love to see him dance again.
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by terence2
7/1/2008  1:04:00 AM
Am so sorry for your loss.

" Jock " was a very good friend of mine.. in fact.. I was the one that got him a sponsor for a work visa in the States back in 1963, whilst I was working in LA.
He later Judged for me in a comp. that I ran , and used to use my studio for lessons on occasion.

Many that do not know , and or have not seen he and Bemil dance, should know that they were one of the outstanding couples of the 50s, and made "finals " at pro level regularly .

There is old footage of some 50s comps, that crop up on U tube from time to time.. would venture a guess that they are on one of those
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Polished
7/1/2008  9:48:00 PM
If you let me have your E Mail address I can send you a couple of photos I have of Jack and Bemil.Apart from my parents my first teacher was Bemil and later Jack. It was just after she won the Festival of Britain Beauty Queen Contest. They did create a record when at the " Star " ( that was one of the big ones )which was held each year. They won the Amature Title and exactly one year later made the final in the Professional. Quite a feat. They were very popular. If they were demonstrating at the Hammersmith Palais on strict tempo night you could be sure of a full house. He did take to Japan a movie of the " Star " ( no videos in those days ). Which on it he was in the Professional Final. Bemil had a sister who at that time was a singer with a band in Germany. Best wishes.
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Nettie
7/3/2008  12:34:00 AM
Many, many thanks. My email address is nettiethomson@hotmail.co.uk. It is great to learn some new things about my uncle and aunt. I shall certainly search youtube again for some footage. I told my mum what you both told me and she was in tears hearing about her brother. You have helped her to remember a lot about Jack.

Good luck with all you do and, again, many many thanks.
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Anonymous
7/26/2008  8:16:00 PM
Hi,This is your cousin,your mum was my dads sister,Alex McGregor, you will remember us ,we are alex,donald,marie,may,william and margaret mc gregor,i just found out reading this that aunt Bemil died,is uncle jack still living,this is from MAY MC GREGOR
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Polished
7/27/2008  7:30:00 PM
Nettie. I`ve got another one if I can find it. I took it myself at the Empress Hall Star Ballroom Championships. It was taken from high in the gallery. Jack and Bemil are the nearest to the camera. Wally Laird is there too dancing Modern. Did your mother come from Gowan . I believe Jack had worked in the Shipyard there . Bemil was a London girl from Highgate I believe. Cheers
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Anonymous
7/28/2008  12:36:00 PM
Hi Annette

So nice to find you. I have been trying to find out about you your mum and jack.
My oldest child Leanne got married last year, Leanne and her husband took dance lessons from a teacher that was taught by Jack.

If you would email me your phone no i would love to call and have a chat with you.

Margaret Mcgregor/Kyle
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by margaret mcgregor
7/28/2008  1:15:00 PM

I couldn't believe my eyes when my sister emailed me your letter.
I am netties cousin and was also trying to find out about my family i haven't seen in years. Would you mind emailing me the photos you have of jack and bemil They would be great to show my children as i have spoken to them for many years about jack and bemil and it would be lovely to show my children photos of them.

Thank you so much
Margaret Mcgregor
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Polished
7/28/2008  4:51:00 PM
Margaret. Give me your E-Mail address and they are on their way. There has to be photos of Bemil tucked away in newspapers in the UK. She was Miss Great Britain. Festival of Britain Beauty Queen in 1952.
Bemil used to make her own competition dresses and regulaly won the best dress at the Star Ballroom Championships. Which was sponsored by the Star newspaper, a late afternoon London newspaper.
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by marymc
8/16/2008  3:08:00 PM
TO POLISHED...... ,Hi,can i be a pest and ask for jack and bemils pics,i am margarets sister MAY,our mags has been busy with the wedding of her daughter and been in touch with annette [NETTIE],BY the time you have finished you will be sick to death with the Mc Gregors, my email address is marydoll1361@aol.com, IF IT IS NOT TO MUCH TROUBLE TO YOU, i found a pic of aunt bemil in germany,with the miss great brittain,i have searched for the title that you wrote about but could not find it,thanks to you we know a lot about uncle jack and aunt bemil,if it was not for you we would still be in the dark about them,many thanks for all that you have done for the mcgregor family,wishing you ,health,wealth and much happiness for your future,thank you so much again,from MAY MC GREGOR
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Carolyn
3/22/2010  1:03:00 PM
Hi Netti,
How sad I was to hear that Bemil had passed away.
I worked with Bemil in Chiswick, London, in 1964. I never met Jack, but Bemil used to tell us about their dancing and showed us albums of photos of their travels.
I left the company and lost touch with Bemil.
In 1970 We (my husband and I and our daughter 2.1/2 year old Alison) emigrated to Australia.
As a teenager Alison was a competition Ballroom dancer. Her teacher was Keith Collins. Once day I mentioned to Keith about working with a World Champion called Bemil. Keith was amazed, he knew Jack and Bemil well, they used to practice at his studio when in Melbourne.
We found an address for Jack and Bemil in VanNuys, Calif. and I wrote to her, she remembered me and was amazed at the coincidence of my daughter having lessons with Keith Collins.

Sadly Keith died on 11th March so I thought I would look on-line to let Jack and Bemil know. This is how I saw your message. I would still like to let Jack know if you have a contact.

I hope you are successfull in finding some film clips of J & B dancing for your Mother.

Regards, Carolyn
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Noel Hume
1/20/2012  7:17:00 PM
I saw Jock & Bemil Demonstrate on 3 occasions when they were out here in Aussie at Festival Hall & the last time was in a small studio in Collins St. Melbourne I think about the 60's when the Worlds Pro was held here. Their grace of movement, rhythm was awe inspiring, so sad that is all past.
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by vibeke22
1/23/2012  10:13:00 AM
Hello Nettie,

My name is Bente (Danish) and I knew Jock and Bemil from St. Monica, CA.

Back in the sixties and seventies I was a amateur dancer with
my then husband who has since passed.

Jock and Bemil were some of the nicest people I have ever met and
have the fondest memories from our time in California and from Blackpool as well.

They were true artists and superb technicians as well.

The most precious of moments for me was when I on a chilly Saturday morning came in for a lesson and Jock simply put on a
quickstep and we just started dancing.

I too have a burning wish for a video of them dancing so if anyone have a lead for such feel free to contact me.

Bente Crabtree
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Lee Smith
9/1/2012  11:34:00 PM
I am so sorry to hear that Bemil passed away. I coached under Jack for years. His passing was one of my greatest losses as a dancer.

All the best,
Lee Smith
Asheville, NC
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by OZ..
9/2/2012  6:45:00 PM
I first had lessons with Bemil and Jack soon after they turned professional and were teaching at the Majestic Ballroom in Wembley, which was above the Majestic Movie Theatre in North London. It had, and is probably still there, a Canadian Maple sprung floor. Easily the best I have ever danced on.The last time I was in Wembley it was being used as a store room for clothing.Coincidently the father of the great Victor Silvester was the Bishop of Wembley.The son Victor Silvester probably did more for Ballroom Dancing than any other. He was the first President of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing ( ISTS). And later formed the only strict tempo orchestra of that time. His recordings sold millions each year. Back to Bemil. There she was, The winner of the Festival of Britain Beauty Queen teaching me how to perform the Spanish Drag in the Tango.
I`ll never forget that little episode . Jack liked his little drink of Scotch. Years later we met up with each other. The four of us was on our way to a Drive In. We didn`t go any further than a Pub which was part way to to where we were supposed to be going. Those were the days. Anybody who was around at that time will tell you that if Jack and Bemil were demonstrating at the Hammersmith Palais, you could be sure that the place would be packed to the rafters.
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Barry Sandland
4/12/2014  9:47:00 AM
My first wife, Barbara and I were coached by Jack and Bemil in the 1960's and were an incredible influence on both our dancing and cereers. I now rum both a studio in Florida and an organization of dance studios throughout the US.

Did you ever receive any video footage as requested in your communication in 2008? If you did, I would love a copy.

321 779 1188
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Marie mcgregor anderson
2/25/2015  3:27:00 AM
Hi. Jack and bemil were my aunt and uncle, I am so glad they made a difference to people's life with there dancing, if u were to get a video of them . I would be grateful if you could pass me a copy as I have been trying myself for one, so glad to know of some of his pupils . Marie
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Kerry Pinder
4/5/2015  11:54:00 AM

Just want to know if Bemil Twiggs was the sister of Delziel and Margaret Twiggs
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Diane
2/8/2016  9:54:00 PM
Is there a way that you could post photos of Jock and Bemil McGregor??
I was fortunate to have had private lessons with Jock in 1976. I was teaching at a Fred Astaire studio and needed some polishing. I learned so much from him, but beyond that, it was such an Honor to be able to dance with him !!!!
Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by terence2
2/11/2016  7:37:00 AM

Hi Barry, It's Levine ( remember Crenshaw AM ? )..I'm back in the UK but hope to return maybe this year, to FL.

Whats surprising me about the posts, are how many knew/know Jock and Beryl (I remember she had a bunch of birds ).

Here's a few more Pro. names who lived in the US from the UK, and I had sometimes used for judging.

Jim and Olive Cullip.. John Hatton.. Joe and Joan Pierce .Too many more to list that, laid the groundwork, for the then called "English style "in the States .
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