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Local Dance Schools/Teachers/Lessons
Posted by seMONICAxy
12/8/2008  6:48:00 AM

I am out in Northern Virginia and was looking for a good Ballroom Dance school, teacher or lessons in general. I don't really care where in No.Va becuase I am willing to travel. My boyfriend and I have always been interested in picking up some classes, but were never able to find any in the area. If anyone has any information on the classes or even information on where I can find information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!!!!!

P.S. Also, if there is anything near Fairfax, VA would be great.
Re: Local Dance Schools/Teachers/Lessons
Posted by rlf2449
9/19/2012  5:44:00 AM
You may want to contact Simply Ballroom or The Dance Space (Both in Richmond) and ask them for suggestions.
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