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Ethel Morgan history
Posted by siegfriedtami
10/16/2010  7:53:00 PM
Hi, I've just started inhome care for Ethel Morgan current age:90 I see around her home pics of trophies and wondered if anyone can fill in the blanks for me, I've heard her and her husband, Harold, were strong competors and would enjoy anything I could dig up to print off to show her,to help connect the past and present, thank you in advance on any info provided. My email address is siegfriedtami@yahoo.com thanks again and have a great day!!!
Re: Ethel Morgan history
Posted by terence2
10/19/2010  7:58:00 AM
In which division and style did they compete ?.. and,in which state did they reside ?.

Might be able to come up with something with more info.
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