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Posture Support Brace or Bar
Posted by binky54
2/25/2012  10:08:00 AM
Hello. I am a novice ballroom dancer and my teacher has suggested that I try wearing a posture support brace to improve my posture when dancing. I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a support brace; also, is there a posture support bar that anyone has had experience with?


Re: Posture Support Brace or Bar
Posted by OZ
2/25/2012  3:31:00 PM
Binkly. Google Dance Frame. Then Dance Frame Tool ( second one down ). In our studio we have one, and even the very best dancers our teacher often gets the pupils to wear one and go through their routines with it on. If nothing else you will never be able to drop your elbows whilst wearing it. Also when we turn it teaches us that the arms do not turn independantly. They turn with the body.
Primarily it is for the Standard Style but does have a use in the Latin Style.
Re: Posture Support Brace or Bar
Posted by karatdansur
2/26/2012  9:49:00 AM
I'd check with your doc first. Just to insure that using one won't hurt your back. If you want to be cost effective, you could use either a folding chair or a broom handle. If you prefer the real thing, the cheapest one that I've found was about $125 and they do work, almost like magic; granted you get the right size.
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