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Thanks for Nothing
Posted by IvanChetvyorty
4/9/2012  4:08:00 PM
Well, thanks for nothing.

Here's the scoop: I'm eighty years old and my wife is in her seventies. Years ago, we were avid, active ballroom dancers and were amateur competitors. I was active in USABDA (now USA Dance), created three chapters, and published numerous articles in its journal Amateur Dancer. Then my back went bad, I could hardly walk, so, of course, we gave it all up about ten years ago. About a year ago, a new doctor operated on me and restored enough functionality for us to be able to dance again, and two weeks age we went to our first dance in more than ten years.

Trouble is, in the interim, I forgot a lot. Wanting to refresh my memory, I went searching on the web. Ten years ago, there were sites that exhibited the bronze, silver, and gold school figures. Today I
can't find any.

The bronze figures you show are too boring. Of course, they're the ones we remember best. Since you don't show anything else, your site is of no use to us. I've deleted my link to it. You really don't want me to tell everyone I know about your site; you wouldn't like my opinion of it.
Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by lorenabravo
4/9/2012  8:38:00 PM
Seriously? You're complaining about a FREE service that you solicited because you don't feel like paying for lessons at a studio?

This is the second post I've seen recently by people complaining about the free service. Here's the thing, with the exception of the premium members, none of us has paid a penny to the people running this website, so it seems to me to be very poor form to complain about something that was generously offered to the public under no obligation. You wouldn't expect a studio to teach you a full course of Bronze figures for free, so why is this website different? Do you think they pay nothing to produce the videos and maintain the website?

Anyway, you don't have to like the website. You do not need to want to upgrade your membership. You do not even need to want to keep the free membership. It may not be worth it to you. That is just fine, but to write messages to the administrator with lame threats about sharing your negative opinion of the website with your friends, well, that's just very tacky.
Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by olderpartner
4/10/2012  8:06:00 AM
I couldn't agree more with lorenabravo.

A big thank you to Jonathon for a great web site at whatever price. Sometimes, what you get for free is worth all you paid for it. Here even the free material is high quality.
Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by dave
4/10/2012  8:51:00 AM
I am 76yrs young and still practice my comp routines. I have learnt more since I have stopped competing from this fantastic website and am now dancing better than when I was competing in the prchampionship class unfortunately I no longer have the stamina to compete. Sir ,with your kind of attitude you should stay at home and watch tv.
Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by OZ.
4/11/2012  7:46:00 AM
Ivan. You never said what type of dancing you were conected to. In the International Style of both Latin and Standard the Basics could never be boring.Did you know that Professional Competitors regulaly ptactice the basics.
I would suggest that you Google any recient competition and see how most start their Foxtrot. Feather Step Reverse Turn Three Step another Feather Step into a Wave using about ten bars of absolute Basics. Boring Never.
Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by IvanChetvyorty
4/24/2012  10:14:00 AM
I don't want to be rude, but those of you who have responded to the message I sent to the site's owners appear not have read it carefully. I never intended it as a public post; I merely wanted to tell the site's owners why the site did not suit my purposes, that I had deleted my bookmark to it, and why.

I did not complain about the site; I never said anything about either paying or not paying for it. Over more than fifty years, I have spent thousands of dollars in dance studios and attending competitions, not to speak of shoes, tuxedos, and a hoard of other dancing paraphernalia. I merely did not find the site useful. As Bugs Bunny used to say, "That's all, folks!"

If you know the history of the Internet, it was first created as a source of information. It existed for some time before commercial activities were allowed on it. Many still use it primarily as a source of information. All who use it to read alternative news sites, for instance. If I wanted to buy more dance lessons, I wouldn't turn to the Internet; I'd go to a local dance studio. None of the school figures were invented by this or most existing dance studios. They are part of the body of knowledge of ballroom dance. Once upon a time they were posted on the Internet by dancers wishing to disseminate knowledge. There is more to life than making money. To be an amateur dancer is to LOVE dancing. Paying for love is called something else.
Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by stardust
4/24/2012  7:06:00 PM
You sure are a bag of tricks. You start off a thread with a provocative statement and then get upset when you get the response from other users that it deserved. I can not understand how you knew what response your thread received, because you deleted your link. Perhaps curiosity got the best of you. This site does a good job and just because it didn't have less boring figures for you to stumble through, it doesn't mean that it doesn't cater to the majority. I can not understand how when you publish a thread you didn't expect it to be for public viewing. It almost appears that you expected some support from other viewers. Next time think before you bleat and save yourself the embarrassment of the replies you justly deserved.
Re: Thanks for Nothing
Posted by never_2late4fun
4/24/2012  11:30:00 PM
I love this website. I am practicing samba beginner steps by watching the videos, also on YouTube. I have no complaints.
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