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Shoe Laces
Posted by Swoop7
5/23/2012  3:33:00 PM

I have a pair of smooth dance shoes that I break a shoe lace at least once a day...I"m not exagerating...I have to by about 10 pair each week when I go to a shoe store...quite frankly it's getting pricey and frustrating. I have looked at the eyelets on the shoes, I have felt each one, I have run the lace through the eyelets to see if it catches on anything and I cannot find any sharp metal sticking out or anything...I even had the dance coach at my studio look at them and he is at a loss as well. Any suggestions on how to avoid this issue?

The laces get a little frayed (spelling?) after the first night I wear the, and the next day when I lace them back up, they pop....I am not pulling on them overly tight...quite frankly I am not that strong...I do not want to put tennis shoe laces in, but at this point, that might be my only choice.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you
Re: Shoe Laces
Posted by Swoop7
5/26/2012  1:56:00 PM
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