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Posted by cath1948
1/18/2013  1:00:00 PM
Can anyone describe an international step which our instructor called "the chair". It started out as a natural spin and both dancers stop and check with their inside leg and then come out to a reverse spin. I could be wrong in the description but if anyone has an idea of what I mean could they give me the name of the step.Our instructor at the time called the amalgamation of the three steps the chair but I am sure that is not a step. Thanks a bunch!
Posted by socialdancer
1/18/2013  4:52:00 PM
The chair is danced from promenade position using normal waltz timing 123 or SQQ in quickstep and foxtrot.

On 1: both partners step through with the inside foot with a checking action onto a bent knee. The flexing of the knees is similar to dancing a contracheck.

On 2: recover weight to back foot.

On 3: man RF back, lady LF fwd - slip pivot.

On 3: man close RF to LF without weight, lady close LF to RF. Follow with same foot lunge.
Posted by cath1948
1/18/2013  7:07:00 PM
Thanks so much!!!
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