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Missing half the thread
Posted by socialdancer
1/24/2013  2:46:00 AM
Hi Jonathan
I don't know if it is something on my PC or the forum but I am sometimes not seeing some posts. I also sometimes see posts that seem to be awaiting admin approval so it may be linked to that.

A classic example is in thread http://www.ballroomdancers.com/Message_Board/view_messages.asp?Action=open_topic&Topic=47304 where voco appears to be having a conversation by himself. I'm guessing there should be some posts by OZ but I cannot see them.
Re: Missing half the thread
Posted by Administrator
1/30/2013  8:28:00 PM
I looked into the thread you mentioned, to make sure everything looks kosher. I didn't find anything that would indicate a problem with the code, or evidence of hacking or anything like that. It does look like half a conversation, however, so my best guess is that the missing messages belonged to a user who decided to delete them later. I remember putting a time limit on editing and deleting one's own messages, although I can't remember what it is off the top of my head. Whatever it is, apparently he made it in time.

Re: Missing half the thread
Posted by O.Z.
2/9/2013  2:47:00 AM
O.Z. Did not delete anything. He cant. Some other person did the deleting if that is possible.
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