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affiliate proggram
Posted by Robert
2/7/2013  10:24:00 AM
Hi, i am wondering if you any sort of affiliate program established?
Re: affiliate proggram
Posted by rgswoohoo
2/16/2013  6:18:00 PM
Re: affiliate proggram
Posted by Administrator
2/19/2013  8:40:00 AM
I'm not sure what you mean by "affiliate program". Could you clarify?
Re: affiliate proggram
Posted by rgswoohoo
2/23/2013  7:51:00 PM
I am building a website listing music available for Ball room dancing. I would like to provide a link to your site seeing that you have lots of music available yourself. Affiliate programs usually offer some percentage of sells made through customers clicking on my link. Other people simply offer a link swap. I am interested in knowing if you offer any of these.
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