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still looking for the song on CD
Posted by frank27
5/17/2013  7:55:00 PM
Can not find a song on CD. Looked for it at CD Universe and Amazon.
They have the CD Earth Songs by Secret Garden, But it is not the same song as I heard danced at Blackpool as a demo by Christopher Hawkins. and Joanne Bolton as a slow Foxtrot/ It has the same name and is on the same CD Earthsongs but there is two versions of that CD out there?
But I am looking the version that has the song, "Silence Speaks" as a Foxtrot. I guess was a version released in Norway?
So if anyone can help I would like to find it
Re: still looking for the song on CD
Posted by dorabora
5/30/2013  2:44:00 PM
I've found several versions on YouTube. I suggest you do what I did and enter Silence Speaks and see if the version you want is there.
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