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Ballroom Dancer Fashion Survey
Posted by Ballroom Dancer Fashion
8/7/2013  9:09:00 AM
Dear respected ballroom dance professionals.

I am a student from Parsons School of Fashion in NYC. Inspired by reality TV dance show (Dancing with the Stars), I am conducting a survey on fashion attitude among ballroom dance professionals around the work for my school paper.

I would appreciate if you could spare 10 minutes to participate the survey by clicking on the link below. All participation is voluntary and anonymous.


Thank you & Kind Regards,

Your passionate ballroom fan!
Re: Ballroom Dancer Fashion Survey
Posted by dtauro
8/22/2013  9:46:00 AM
I looked at this survey and saw nothing about dance - only asked about my income, assets, likes and dislikes. I thought it was going to look more at thoughts around dance and costumes.
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