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A gift to a ballroom world champion
Posted by vnikolas
10/24/2013  5:46:00 PM
Hi guys!

Sorry if I am breaking any of the forum's rules. My friend was a world under 18s champion in ballroom dancing when she was obviously a teenager. She has a birthday now and I really want to buy her something related to ballroom dancing but I do not know what. I am trying to find something from vintage/ antique / historical artifacts collections whether this a book / a piece of art / a record or anything else I do not really care. We live in the UK. Since I do not know anything about ballroom dancing, I was wondering if you could give me a few advices on what sort of thing I should be looking for?

Many thanks in advance!
Re: A gift to a ballroom world champion
Posted by terence2
10/29/2013  4:41:00 AM

There are 2 books that I would recommend..

One by Bill Irvine and the other by Frank Regan. Not sure of the titles but should be easy to locate .
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