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Screen does not show
Posted by kimkj46
11/14/2013  6:07:00 PM

This is my first day as a Premium member. But unfortunately the screen does not show at all.
I am using I pad.

Do I have to turn on my desk top computer?
Please help.

Re: Screen does not show
Posted by Thealdertons
11/24/2013  4:48:00 PM
Same applies to me. Anybody have an answer to this?
Re: Screen does not show
Posted by Administrator
11/25/2013  9:16:00 AM
Two methods you can use right now, plus a third due before the end of the year:

(1) Log in to your user account. Click on the "Custom Settings" tab. 3rd item down on the list is Video Settings. Change it to Quicktime, then click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom. You will now be able to view videos on our full website with your iOS device.

(2) Use http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/ instead. The mobile site is optimized for the iPhone, but it works perfectly on the iPad as well. If you save the website to your home screen, it will function very similarly to an app.

(3) By the end of 2013, we will finally have a real app for iPhone & iPad that you will be able to download from the app store. It will be a free app, and will include in-app purchasing of premium membership if you so choose. In the meantime, our mobile site works great on both iPhone and iPad, and even Android devices.

Jonathan Atkinson
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