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History of "Viennese Cross"
Posted by docco
11/21/2013  9:43:00 AM
One of my members ask me about the history of "Viennese Cross" syllabus. Where does it come from? What is the origin dance officially having this name (containing this syllabus)? Are there any document to define this figure?
Thanks for help.
Re: History of "Viennese Cross"
Posted by docco
11/23/2013  10:03:00 AM
Maybe this is a hard question.
It is still very appreciated if anyone help me the information of the history of VW syllabus.
Re: History of "Viennese Cross"
Posted by O.Z.
11/25/2013  5:15:00 AM
It started in Vienna and the foot crosses.
Re: History of "Viennese Cross"
Posted by docco
11/25/2013  8:25:00 PM
If still have no answer, please help for a another question: In what year the name "Viennese waltz" is born?
Re: History of "Viennese Cross"
Posted by O.Z
11/26/2013  10:01:00 PM
Nobody could say for certain. Its lost in History.
Re: History of "Viennese Cross"
Posted by terence2
11/28/2013  12:49:00 AM

He was given extensive answers on another forum.. so.. Im guessing no matter what replies may be given, it wont be satisfactory.
Re: History of "Viennese Cross"
Posted by O.K.
12/9/2013  4:50:00 PM
One of the earliest books written on the Technique of Dancing was in by a Thoinot- Arbeau published in 1588 called Orchesographie. He incidentally was a priest. It wasn`t till the Seventeenth century when Louis X1V founded his Academie Royal de Musique et due Dance that hard and fast rules for the execution of each dance were laid down. Ballet Technique lingered on for two centuries until the Victorian Era. Its pretty safe to say that somebody in all that time must have used a Viennese Cross in a Reverse Movement. If you asked who introduced the Double Reverse Spin. Or the Throwaway Oversway. Or the Natural Turn in the Waltz. These are all well known.
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