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Foxtrot Grapevine
Posted by karovd
1/27/2014  3:25:00 PM
I was at a Foxtrot class last night and the instructor taught a Grapevine beginning with a Quarter turn followed with the man moving back left foot (slow) and commencing the grapevine with turn right foot (quick), continuing for a total of 6 quicks and closing with a box. I do Grapevines all the time but have never noticed one done like that. Is this a common method?
Re: Foxtrot Grapevine
Posted by terence2
1/29/2014  3:40:00 AM

Its been taught using 4,6, and 8 quicks in the sequence prefaced by a Slow. Figure, Im fairly sure, came from Peabody.

Entries from "twinkles", to 1/4 turns..

There is a modified form of it, in Intern. style Tango .
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