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Premium Membership?
Posted by chacha1
2/23/2014  5:07:00 PM
Joined 2 minutes ago for $99 & clicked on another page which says - Premium Membership $79. Please issue $20 credit as this is misleading!
Thank you, Wayne Cutler www.cutlersdance.com.au
Re: Premium Membership?
Posted by Administrator
2/23/2014  9:14:00 PM
Hi Wayne,

Thank you for subscribing to our website. We really appreciate your support.

$99 is actually the correct price for Premium Membership, assuming you are joining for the first time. $79 is the discounted rate for renewals only. (If you saw a page that said $79, it would have said "Renew your membership" rather than "Upgrade your membership").

If you were already a Premium member and had intended to renew your membership for another year for $79, but somehow ended up paying $99 instead, please let me know and I'll be happy to refund $20 to your credit card. However, if this was a first-time upgrade, then $99 was the correct price.

The page where you purchase or renew Premium Membership is context-sensitive. Both first-time purchases and upgrades are begun from this page, and what information it shows depends on your current status, i.e. if you're a basic member, it says "upgrade" and if you're a premium member, it says "renew". Either way, it's the same page. For premium members, we generally don't start showing the links to this page until 30 days prior to the end of the current term. But the page does always exist and can be found anytime if you look for it (or stumble upon it). Technically you're allowed to renew from the moment you become a Premium member, and the purchase simply adds another year to your current term.

So if you somehow landed on the purchase/renew page shortly after upgrading your membership, you would have seen options for renewing your membership for $79. But this price is only available because you upgraded at the normal price of $99 in the first place. I hope that makes sense.

Once again, thank you for supporting our website!

Jonathan Atkinson
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