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Re: android version
Posted by Administrator
2/23/2014  8:42:00 PM
Hi Newdancer,

We don't have an Android app yet. Actually, we don't quite have an iPhone app yet, either... There have been a number of setbacks during development and we're now running about 6 months behind schedule.

At any rate, we do have a mobile version of the website, which will run as a mobile web app if you save it to your home screen. Mobile web apps are cross-platform, so you can use it on Android, iPhone, Windows phone, or any other modern mobile OS.

To run our mobile web app, use your phone and navigate to to http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/. Then log in and save it to your home screen.

I can't guarantee our videos will run on every device, but portable devices like phones and tablets are much more likely to successfully play videos from our mobile site.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: android version
Posted by karovd
2/25/2014  7:53:00 PM
Hi Newxancer
try Flash Fox

I use it on my Galaxy and Leno o tablet
to play the videos and a HDMI cable to put them on my big screen.
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