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Ballroom dancer.com syllabus
Posted by Debmc
3/1/2014  5:50:00 AM
I enjoy the American style syllabus presented on ballroom dancers.com but I don't know what official syllabus you are using. Can I use the patterns ipresented for competing in a NDCA comp? More specifically, can I assume that your silver rhythm syllabus can be used when I am competing in silver rhythm at a NDCA comp?
Re: Ballroom dancer.com syllabus
Posted by Waltz123
3/2/2014  10:23:00 AM
Hi Debmc,

The short answer is "yes", you can use our syllabus for any NDCA competition, as all of the basic figures conform to their rules. One or two figures may contain options that aren't NDCA-compliant, but they are clearly noted.

For example, under American Waltz Hesitations, there is an option for taking a Hesitation outside partner, which is perfectly acceptable at the bronze level. We also describe the variation whereby the lady can dance a develope' action, but it is noted that this is considered to be a silver level variation, since the NDCA prohibits developes in bronze.

For a more comprehensive answer about the origins of our syllabus, please see the following message:


Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Ballroom dancer.com syllabus
Posted by Debmc
3/3/2014  3:46:00 PM
Thanks. I enjoy your website. Very organized and well presented.
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