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Posted by DLH
4/18/2014  5:33:00 PM
In buss-stop mixers is it bad manners or what if you decline to dance with the next person in line if you had danced with them before? Thanks DLH
Posted by ballroomchick
4/21/2014  11:43:00 AM
It makes a person appear snobish by counting people in line and trading places just so you don't have to partner up with a particular person. Mixers are suppose to be the luck of the draw, we all started out as a novice. If you REALLY don't want to dance with someone move to the back of the line.

If no one is standing in line when the guy brings the girl back to the pickup/drop off area a NICE man will ask the girl if she wishes to go around again or stop an wait.

At times 2 guys may end up at the front of the line. At that time the girl/guy may defer to whom ever has not yet danced with the lady.
Posted by DLH
4/21/2014  4:38:00 PM
I totally agree with you on the on the first and second partS. On the thrid part the man who was first in line should dance with the lady ( my opinion ) thanks for yor reply. DLH
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