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Music for Fashion Show
Posted by MiMi
5/2/2017  6:28:00 PM
I am thinking about doing a ballroom show with a Fashion theme and am wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for music about clothes/fashion/looks. I am finding tons of cha cha but I really need some waltz/viennese waltz, samba, and maybe foxtrot stuff. Open to suggestions for anything though. Thanks!
Re: Music for Fashion Show
Posted by Guest
5/5/2017  5:16:00 PM
MiMi. Can you if you feature a person wearing a red dress think of anything better than
" Lady in Red ". Or what about " The Way You Look Tonight ". A Rumba can be danced to both.
Re: Music for Fashion Show
Posted by nloftofan1
5/6/2017  10:44:00 AM
The Michael Buble version of "The Way You Look Tonight" makes a very good Rumba. Most other versions work better as Foxtrots.
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