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Body Glue
Posted by Anonymous
4/12/2004  3:19:00 PM
Where can I find Body Glue to help my costume stay in place!
-Lost in the Midwest
Re: Body Glue
Posted by Larinda McRaven
4/14/2004  9:55:00 PM
I use toupee tape to hold my costumes in place. It is cheap and easy to find at any beauty supply store, such as Sallys.
Re: Body Glue
Posted by twnkltoz
7/12/2004  6:51:00 PM
I've never had to glue any of my costumes in place, but I use eyelash glue to glue on my earrings!
Re: Body Glue
Posted by mamboqueen
10/27/2004  8:01:00 AM
I just got body glue from www.danceshopper.com. Haven't used it yet, though. It was pretty inexpensive.
Re: Body Glue
Posted by elliekiernan
7/5/2014  2:30:00 AM
You will get this glue in any beauty shop where you get cosmetics as well.
Re: Body Glue
Posted by ballroomchick
7/7/2014  10:14:00 AM
You can order it through Karizmah Dance Shoes


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