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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by eyes wide open
1/31/2006  7:56:00 PM
One needs to realize that this is a sales industry. Seems widows, widowers, newly divorced people get sold the dream of meeting someone or how good they are over and over. Pay attention, one hears the same lines used over and over. Funny how so many of us have "talent" or how they "miss us" when we take some time off. Goes way past loving to dance. Just look at how much you spend on the dream and what is really reality. Problem is not everyone can keep that in line especially when the instructor is younger and good looking and keeps feeding your ego. Sad. The instruction is good for the most part but don't you want to say sometimes wake up. I'm sure everyone can think of people like this in all the studios, just gullible to the sales pitch. Wonder how many people that spend a lot of money are told that they are the favorite student. Of course, the almighty dollar, not you the person but I suppose that would be too harsh. I've seen what friend and Ann have said over and over. Is it me or part of being in New York?
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