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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by boleros2aerosmith
2/12/2006  8:45:00 PM
TO: PassionForDance

I have no way of knowing who you are but you sound very like my instructor and the supervisor at the AM studio where I take lessons.

As a teacher, you know that there are instructors out there who get caught up in themselves and fail to really recognize what it is they are doing. Those are the ones who make the bad impressions on the general public. I will tell you, because I am assuming you in fact AREN'T my teacher (that would be weird) that my teacher has seen me go from being a horribly unhappy, resentful woman, facing radical life changes at the speed of light, to emerging as a happier and healthier human. My teacher invites me to soar with eagles and never disbelieves my ability to do so. Through the vehicle of dance, he has allowed me to see who I am as a person again. This spills over into EVERYTHING I do in my daily life.

He has also shown me how important it is to give to others because they need to soar with the eagles, too. I am Silver 2 level. I go to many group classes that are for beginners and lower Bronze levels, not because I already know the steps so I can show off, but so I know who is in the studio. I want the newer people to see that even those of us who have been around seemingly forever have to work for what we want. I also want them to see that they are supported in their efforts, not only by the instructors but by their fellow students.

Yeah, okay, dance is about movement or is it about music? I forget, being a life-long musician, myself. This experience isn't about that. It's about convincing someone they sure as HEll CAN do "IT" whatever "IT" is. It's a vehicle to self esteem, to success, to better health, through accepting self and recognizing how powerful that 'self' is. You, as a committed dance instructor have as your job opening doors; the hearts and minds of everyone who steps into your studio. YOU and those like you who GET IT are the one's I salute and am more thankful for than I will ever be able to put into words. I was dead inside except for my music, before I started dancing. It is wonderful to stand up and live again. Keep doing what you do. I would bet because of your attitude you give a good return on your students' investment. Thank you for that.

...for me, Arthur Murray rocks!
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