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Re: how much do competitions cost?
Posted by quickstep
2/9/2007  1:27:00 PM
Ellen. Is that $3000 for one competition. We ,at one of the very best venues`. Could enter as many events as you are eligable to compete it for the same price as an ordinary spectator. We have a big one at Easter at one of our Casinos and we will pay abou $40 . from 9 am to midnight. In a not so flash venue we would expect to pay about $25. Children and pensioners $12 whether you compete or not.Take about $2.50 off to bring it to USA money. We have very few Pro/ Am events but do have what is called Individuals at all ages. In these the person being judges wears the number which in many cases is the female. If both are being judged, both wear a number which would be a different number for each. As with all the events there is pre- entry but no money changes hands except at the door on the day. That is for everybody from the highest to the lowest. At the Casino it would be better to buy the ticket before the day. Have a good cry.
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