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Re: how much do competitions cost?
Posted by Jes
2/11/2007  7:01:00 AM
Well i dance in dance competitions all the time although i am only 11 and so my parents pay for the costs. But we yearly go to the Blackpool Juniour dance festival at which we stay for two nights. Last year i was dancing in the tower from around 8am - 11.30pm and so we bought a day pass which allowed us not only to go into the ballroom but into the tower atteactions aswell. We stayed in a hotel near the tower so we would not have to hire a car and there are regular trams going to the pleasure beach. I normally costs aroung £100 pounds which is not including dresses and shoes. At my Dance school we hold fund raising dance competitions to raise money for dresses so we do not pay and we normally pay half the money for shoes and the shoes are £30. So dance competitions really arn't that expensive but it depends on where you are going.
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