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Re: how much do competitions cost?
Posted by Anonymous
2/11/2007  2:05:00 PM
I have to keep the position that youth is much less expensive. For example I just registered for a comp. A pro-am single dance entry is 30.00, AM 20.00 youth 10.00. The youth entry to the ballroom will be less than the adult. The youth will compete for 1/3 less than the pro/am and 1/2 less than the AM.. Adds up over a series of entries.

Now of course I am referring to a NDCA comp where AM/AM is not much cheaper than pro-am. Sure the AM is not spending money on pro fees, but the AM looses the benefit of traveling with the pro...they never get to see you in action, a pretty vauable piece of the overall picture. If we are speaking about USA Dance entry prices, then yes they are comparable. But to compete USA dance often you are going to get on a plane to chase these comps and there goes any savings. Our cost to dance USADance with travel is about the same as a NDCA that we can drive to.

I am not sure that an AM will spend more money in lessons than a pro/am will. We take 3 priviate lessons a week, and many of the pro/ams are doing the same. The AM/AM progress in most instances however will take longer.
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