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Re: how much do competitions cost?
Posted by Anonymous
2/11/2007  2:22:00 PM
Usually the only time even national-champion amateurs would take 3 or more lessons a week is they have temporary access to better coach than their usual one.

You have to keep in mind that there is ZERO difference between the lives and training of these "amateurs" and the professional competitors, which they usually become while changing nothing of their habits or teaching activity (other than be able to take their students to pro/am events)

And when it comes to a competition, you simply can't compare the $100-200 they spend (divided by two) with the price tags of pro/am competition. Even if they fly somewhere that's just adding a small piece of the pro/am price. And half the time their coaches will be present anyway. Sometimes, their greatest actual expense is losing a weekend worth of teaching income.
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