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Re: 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Waltz123
5/15/2007  9:05:00 AM
Sounds like misplaced anger. There's nothing inherently wrong with American style. But you might want to look into another school. If your teachers are lacking in ability, switching to Int'l won't change anything. Finding a new teacher will.

Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by slowfox
5/15/2007  9:51:00 AM
Wow! You seem to have a pretty good handle on profanity! You either don't like the style you've chosen or you need a new teacher. What else can we say?
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by SmoothGeezer
5/15/2007  10:53:00 AM
If English is not your primary language, someone has been doing you a disservice by supplying you with bad definitions.

If English is your primary language, you need to good back to school and work on your writing. You also need to work on your anger problem. This will cause you big problems in the future.
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Q
5/15/2007  3:42:00 PM
Is Kosmos tying to say that there are wide differences between American Smooth and the International style. If we go to the picture at the top of the home page you will see a picture of a smooth dance couple. What they are doing is obviously how it should be done. That poise in the International Style will go down like a lead balloon. We have a style here called New Vogue. It is nice to dance and extremely popular. The shaping at competition level is excessive like the picture up front.
The danger is that this shaping will creep into the International style if they are doing both. We have some teachers here. If you are also doing New Vogue will tell you. Dont bother to come to me. The two styles clash.
As for the language. Who goes to the movies.
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Annie
5/15/2007  9:32:00 PM
Where is New Vogue popular and what is it?
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Sturdee
5/16/2007  5:00:00 AM
New Vogue is an Australian style of dances based on the old English old time sequence dances.

They are usually a 32 bar sequence dance where everyone dances the same steps at the same time.

Very popular at Aussie dances where often more than half the dances are either New Vogue or English modern sequence dances.
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by VA Dancer
5/15/2007  4:30:00 PM
I personally prefer International style because it seems the technique taught can transend to American. On the other hand American combinations seem like alot more fun. So...I would take lessons from both kinds of teachers. You will be better off for it. Now stop complaining and get your bum out there and do something about your terrible dancing. You can improve!
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by operabob
5/15/2007  7:11:00 PM
Definitely 2 different styles but rather than say one is cr@p I'd be trying to figure out what appeals to you personally and go with that.

As an ISTD/International dancer what appeals to me is that I feel I am directly dancing with my partner more.

If I were an American style dancer I might find individual form of greater significance. Certainly that has great appeal for shows like "Dancing With the Stars" or "So You Think You Can Dance".

Both styles are ideally taken to their artistic height but personally a lot depends on the situations you'll find yourself in too.

Good luck in your choice.


Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by peter_kosmas
5/16/2007  1:49:00 AM
Sorry ! i am looking for a good school !
and now i know something a good lesson
What u Pay is WHAT U GET !
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by operabob
5/16/2007  7:26:00 AM
What u Pay is WHAT U GET !

Not necessarily.

Unfortunately there are many out there that charge a fortune and give you nothing.

Then there legitimate teachers.

1. Ask the owner of your studio what the training background is of your personal teacher. Are you being taught by a trained and certified teacher or are you being taught by a relatively new teacher the owner trained themselves.

2. You might also look into private teachers. Again, ask about there certification. I don't know where you live but trained teachers here have either ISTD or CDTA certification. Other certifications should closely match ISTD (for International) criteria.

Hint: ISTD certification requires years of study. You can't whip it off overnight.

Note: Just because a person doesn't have certification doesn't mean they are not a good teacher but it is a sign they have met a minimum standard.

Find out if there are governing bodies for ballroom in your country and their certification system.


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