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Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Q
5/15/2007  3:42:00 PM
Is Kosmos tying to say that there are wide differences between American Smooth and the International style. If we go to the picture at the top of the home page you will see a picture of a smooth dance couple. What they are doing is obviously how it should be done. That poise in the International Style will go down like a lead balloon. We have a style here called New Vogue. It is nice to dance and extremely popular. The shaping at competition level is excessive like the picture up front.
The danger is that this shaping will creep into the International style if they are doing both. We have some teachers here. If you are also doing New Vogue will tell you. Dont bother to come to me. The two styles clash.
As for the language. Who goes to the movies.
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