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Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by operabob
5/16/2007  7:26:00 AM
What u Pay is WHAT U GET !

Not necessarily.

Unfortunately there are many out there that charge a fortune and give you nothing.

Then there legitimate teachers.

1. Ask the owner of your studio what the training background is of your personal teacher. Are you being taught by a trained and certified teacher or are you being taught by a relatively new teacher the owner trained themselves.

2. You might also look into private teachers. Again, ask about there certification. I don't know where you live but trained teachers here have either ISTD or CDTA certification. Other certifications should closely match ISTD (for International) criteria.

Hint: ISTD certification requires years of study. You can't whip it off overnight.

Note: Just because a person doesn't have certification doesn't mean they are not a good teacher but it is a sign they have met a minimum standard.

Find out if there are governing bodies for ballroom in your country and their certification system.


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