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Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by katodancer
5/16/2007  7:57:00 AM
I've never heard of anyone who is so narrow-minded like this before.
You're in America now, you have freedom of speach. But,... you don't have the freedom to show us how narrow-minded you are.
I know that some people dance like CRAP no matter how much and how long they have learned how to dance, you may be one of them. (don't you ever once think of that ?) Don't go blaming on other style.
Open your mind and look deep within.

Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Rha
5/17/2007  1:39:00 AM
Hi Peter_Kosmas,

I've watched clips of American Style Ballroom done by 'specialist' American Style dancers at all levels (even professionals) and I have to agree that I did'nt find their dancing appealing. I found it a bit too theatrical, showbizzy and lacking artistic integrity. There's also the technique gap between the American Style vs International but I think that this has more to do with the dance culture in which the American Style florishes vs International rather than it being anything inherent in the styles themselves. On the other hand I've really enjoyed watching some of the top International Style dancers incorporating open and shadow position moves in showdances or exhibitions. Besides the technical superiority, the way that some International style dancers interpret, incorporate and choreographically blend open moves in their dancing can be awesome. I think the reason for this is that International style dancers still express a profound togetherness, partnership and oneness even in open moves that I don't see in specialist American style dances.

Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Ellen
5/17/2007  8:16:00 PM
Have you ever seen Ben and Shalene Ermis dance American smooth?
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by IconDance
6/22/2007  10:34:00 AM
Wow, what anger!!! I think the biggest problem you have with dancing is that it sounds like you've never been taught how to properly lead a woman. For instance, I have all my training in American Smooth and American Rhythm. I can go to any International school and dance with any partner. I can also go to any bar with a dance floor and pick up a woman with no dance experience and lead her through any dance. It's all about your inability to lead, not the dance itself. You may want to find a different school to learn from. One that focuses on leading properly. You also may want to look into doing a little research before you speak.
Re: I think American is CRAP 1 year in the Garbage
Posted by Stavros
6/22/2007  2:27:00 PM

where are you located? You spend a lot of money on american style bronze but english is not your first language...
Judging by the name... Greece?
At least I am not sure which other european countries actually do american style instead of international.

If my assumptions are correct, you might want to share where you are located and I might be able to help you find a good studio.

no subject
Posted by peter_kosmas
6/25/2007  10:25:00 AM
o.k !!! mail me !
i found a good one now with international style !!!!
in petroupolis !!!!
i want a good one ! i want to do only international !!!!! i am disapointed with american style !
Re: no subject
Posted by Anonymous
6/16/2011  1:50:00 AM
Peter Kosmas. American Smooth and the International Style, which includes Latin American, are worlds apart.If you dance in the International style you should be able to dance in any studio in any country in the world. If you or anybody else thinks that you can hop off a plane, in for instance Japan, and dance American Smooth they are very much mistaken.
The same applies to Australin New Vogue.
It is danced in of course Australia and New Zealand, in which it is a competition dance. It is a very interesting style to dance. The man does as much shaping and use of the body as the lady does. As somebody else has pointed out. Try that in the Standard style would have a coach tearing their hair out.
no subject
Posted by peter_kosmas
6/25/2007  10:33:00 AM
leading is not the problem !! i will give u an example with what happens !
i learn kick breaks in mambo !!! o.k?
i go somewhere ! they say that there are no kick breaks in mambo, i go somewhere else they say yes there are but we do not use hands ! most studios i see have difrent footwork
!i was very angry cause i spend a lot of money to learn !!!
i just believe that in Greece !!! "not talking for other countries" American Style is not a good solution !!! because there are no standards and in Greece the Certificates in American Style are given from the same dance school ! so that means that they may teach u anything they want !!
but if u do international style ! they can't teach u anything they want ! cause
teachers from england come and exam u ! and u get an istd degree !!!!!
in amercan u get an ABCD !!!!!
in other countries in not the same !!!
i know what i said was wrong !!!! but i still believe that better do international in greece and then go for the American style !
no subject
Posted by Ellen
6/27/2007  1:16:00 PM
It does sound like American style was not a good choice for you, since few other people in your area dance it. And it's possible the quality of teaching is not so great. I wonder where the studio teaching American learned it?

But don't bash American style based on that. Done well, it's a great style of dance with lots of room for creativity.

And I don't think all your time learning American was wasted. Hopefully, you learned some basic things about dance, like frame, rhythm, and how to move, that you can use in international. You'll learn it faster than if you hadn't danced at all before.

And if you ever come to the US, you'll have lots of partners for your American style!
no subject
Posted by blouaoua
6/27/2007  10:30:00 PM
i understand and i know american style is great !!!!
but not so much experts here in Greece ! i
believe that a great expert in american style would be person who got trained in International style technique ! if i am not wrong !u can use the technique on American Style

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