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no subject
Posted by Serendipidy
7/5/2007  7:36:00 PM
On the 06 Foxtrot Professional Final which most of us have access to. Can you see any of the six finalists that were not right on the beat with their quicks. Anonymouse . You will be looking a long long time. Also you haven`t a clue who Pat Thompson is have you. If you go to the 75th Blackpool tapes you can listen to her yourself. There you are again I given you a reference to check for yourself. In return I would like to know who exactly told you that you can dance off the beat and compete. Socially you can please yourself, and you obviously do, as well as not counting the beats which you have said you don`t. Names please. Just to give you something to pick at. In a Waltz routine I have for years had chasses that have a different timing for each. There is 1 2 and 3. 1 and 2 3. and 1 2 3 and.. To try to go from one to another without counting would produce some degree of difficulty. Which leads me to believe that your dancing must be composed of very basic steps. I would love to see what sort of a mess you would make of a Samba with no count.
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