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re: Curl and Spiral in Rumba
Posted by Dronak
6/25/2002  8:30:00 AM
Well, my new ISTD latin books are at home. I only have the old one with me right now. For the spiral in rumba the man's footwork is listed as ball flat throughout and the lady's as ball flat except on step 3 where it's ball flat RF, toe of LF. Cha cha looks like the same footwork, ball flat throughout for both except the lady's step 5 which is the same as rumba's step 3. The steps themselves are relatively easy, especially for the man, the trick is leading the lady's spiral turn. It seems like a lot of figures where the lead is the hard part give the man pretty simple steps so he doesn't have to think about them and can concentrate on getting the lead right. HaOanhTranThanh offered a brief description of the steps. I think right and left foot are switched though -- in syllabus Spirals and Curls, the lady should be making the spiral turn on her RF, not her LF.

James Marshall

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