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re: Promoting Ballroom Dancing - any ideas?
Posted by Laura
9/11/2003  9:03:00 PM
My chapter makes a difference. We host four competitions per year, with low-cost workshops, so as to get lower-level competitors and young people started in competitive dancing. We keep our prices very low: $15 for adults for as many events as they are eligible to dance in, $5 for people under 18. We also host the USABDA Western Regionals every other year, also at low cost: $25 for adults for all they can dance, I can't remember what it is for kids, but I think it's $10. These are some of the lowest competition entry fees for adults that I've ever heard of, and people don't have to pay extra for entry tickets to the ballroom either.

We also award scholarships from time to time at our events, just last month we awarded $100 to a Junior couple in a random drawing at the competition we were holding.

Our chapter is atypical of USABDA: nation-wide there are many more social dancers than competitors. Our chapter is the reverse: the vast majority of the members are competitors, so we tailor our activities to suit their needs.

I've been a Board member of our local chapter for over a year now, and have been volunteering with the chapter for much longer than that. The most significant thing we get from our annual dues is an insurance policy that covers all our events. This is very important in this day and age when any little accident could bring on a huge lawsuit.

I think our situation is quite different than socially-focussed clubs. Competitive dancers have to be members of USABDA so that they can dance in qualifying events leading to the Amateur World Championships. This impetus is not present in a social club, which makes 'why are we doing this and what are we getting out of this?' a very important and significant question.
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