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Re: my husband doesn
Posted by belleofyourball
11/4/2009  9:55:00 AM
I've been with my sweetheart for 12 years. He doesn't dance. I talked him into a community college class because I couldn't get him into a real studio. It was....okay.

He didn't have a good time and his not so good time wore on me. I thanked him for trying and have left it alone since then.

The people at my studio know I'm involved and they know I'm off limits which sets a structure that allows me to be as romantic and naughty as I want. It doesn't mean anything and because we all know that we can all let go and have a blast. Know in your own heart you won't cheat on him and that truth should set you free. You love him, you don't love your partner but you can play pretend. It's actually healthier for your relationship. Research indicates a woman who is exposed to a flirtatious environment and has physical, stopping at intimate, contact with other men actually has stronger relationships with her life partner that are more sexually satisfying. (I'm actually a Psych. so I know what I'm talking about.)

Let yourself go within the structure you have set. Be happy your husband tried...

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