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Re: Partner Height Difference
Posted by danceinconcord
11/10/2009  12:51:00 PM
Great topic!

What about a height difference in which the lady is several inches taller than her partner?

I have had this issue come up and was wondering if there is a best approach or strategy.

Underarm turns, among a host of other issues, seem to be painful, if not excrutiating, especially on the knees.

Despite her efforts to maintain frame, which works so effectively with other partners (who are as tall or taller than herself), she is almost always off balance with the shorter partner.

Can this height difference cause this? For her, it feels like his center of gravity which is much closer to the floor than hers acts more like a pulley system, battering ram or wrecking ball than a guide.

She feels like a tall wobbly structure which has been bumped, twisted and torked from below by a relentless bulldozer!

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