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Not in Atlanta
Posted by jofjonesboro
9/14/2010  7:09:00 AM
Atlanta has a very large population of gays but one sees very little same-sex dancing here, at least in the studios. I've seen only a couple of woman-woman couples and no man-man couples.

I'm not sure how I feel about same-sex couples in ballroom. I have no issues with gays (I work with several) and support same-sex marriage and all other rights for them.

A dance couple is, by definition, a man and a woman (this is not marriage, folks; this is more important). Dance is not sex and I'm not sure that it's legitimate to expect that a dance relationshp must reflect an intimate one.

But what folks do in their free time is really none of my business and if a couple of ladies want to boogie together then they should do so. In reality, we see women dancing together all of the time. Men, not so much.

My boss is gay - and a bit overweight. It wouldn't hurt him to hit the boards a few times a week.

Several gay dance clubs have opened and closed in Atlanta over the past twenty years. Those which feature C&W seem to have done OK. However, I have seen little evidence of widespread gay interest in Ballroom or Latin.


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