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Re: Not in Atlanta
Posted by Telemark
9/14/2010  10:07:00 AM
Terence: I didn't notice the article. Which issue/page? I'd be interested to read it, and must have missed it previously.

We were talking only the other day at the studio about whether there might be a small niche market for classes & social dancing for same-sex couples (not necessarily gay/lesbian), and I have been mulling it over in my mind. Argentine Tango could work really well: particularly as the roles of 'leader' and 'follower' need not be gender-based, and a same sex couple could easily (easily?) learn both roles and dance them interchangeably, something that social dancers can't really do (but which teachers take for granted).

I'm on the urban fringe of a major UK city, and it might just be a viable idea. Does anyone else have any thoughts?
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