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Re: Not in Atlanta
Posted by Telemark
9/15/2010  12:45:00 AM
UKA, then.

One thing I did read in the IDTA's magazine with interest was the breakdown of the Association's income (as presented by the CEO in his address to the AGM). Many will assume that the activites (and income) are dominated by Ballroom & Latin: far from it. Freestyle, Ballet & Tap come 12&3, accounting for 49.5% of all income. Ballroom only accounts for 4.43% of income (and Classical Sequence just 0.6%). The Latin figure wasn't given this year, but last year's comparatives were Latin 15.89% & Ballroom 9.73%). So for Ballroom income to have halved (as a proportion of income) in just 12 months is a dramatic change, but one that wasn't actually commented on in the speech.

A secondary thought is that perhaps it is time that 'Classical Sequence' was no longer a 'core subject', with its own Associate, Licentiate & Fellowship qualifications, admitting newcomers to 'Full Member' status. Perhaps a single 'Diploma' (like Salsa & Argentive Tango) would be more appropriate? But this is off topic.
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