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Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by DAve
11/2/2010  9:19:00 AM
My wife and I took Radiance of the Seas in Alaska this summer. Lots of opportunity to dance with excellent bands and large floors. Very nice lounge/dance floor with plenty of windows at the stern of the ship. We're not great dancers but we had fun and learned a lot from others.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by dancer 1
5/10/2013  10:33:00 AM
You can be sure that the instruction on the ships has gone downhill severely. My husband and I used to teach on several of the lines and they would give us a cabin and tripM. We have been all over the world and taught together for about 12 years on the ships. Most recently they are trying to save money and so they let the kids int the show TRY to teach the ballroom classes...yuk,,,,huge mistake. Pathetic, but I feel sorry for them, because I don't think they want to do it either. My husband and I are educated, hold degrees in teaching and also have years of ballroom experience. We have watched as passengers, the ballroom classes nowadays, full of people, interested in learning and by the end of the cruise,,,,,there may be 2 couples in the class. Breaks our hearts, because we love dance and love to teach it...so be aware, that if you are really interested in learning something about ballroom on a ship,,,,you probably won't learn much of anything any more.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by scoutniagara
4/8/2010  4:55:00 AM
My agency, books my wife and I on Norwegian, Princess, Holland America, Orient, Azamara, Royal Caribbean, Costa and Celebrity, but you should check before you book, 'cause there aren't instructors on every cruise. Also, we aren't all "professional" dance teachers onboard. My wife and I are advanced dancers continually learning gold/advanced steps, but work as "dance instructors" on cruises. Reality is, that we only get to teach beginner steps on any such cruise, but would be available for private lessons where we'd teach some advance steps.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by jojodancer
4/10/2010  8:13:00 PM
I also teach dance on cruise ships.Do you ever get booked out of the new york or new jersey ports? The agents i use never seem to get those. which ports do go out of ? I would like to talk with you if possible since we only did our first cruise so far
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by Anonymous
4/11/2010  4:40:00 AM
My husband and I are looking to go on an Alaskan cruise. It looks like they usually ship out from Seattle or Canada. We have taken many lessons already. Now we are ready to apply what we learned! I would hope that cruises don't all contain club dancing. So far, Cunard seems to be the ideal of what we're looking for, but the prices are high and they don't go to Alaska.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by anymouse
4/11/2010  3:03:00 PM
Going on a cruise with hopes of dancing sounds a lot like going to an extremely expensive week long dance that you can't easily walk out of if it does turn out to be all clubbing.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by nloftofan1
4/12/2010  11:54:00 AM
My wife and I have taken several cruises, on Royal Caribbean and Princess. Both usually have (low-level) instruction aboard, and several places to dance. Usually they have live music of several varieties available in the different clubs. You may have to deal with "dance floors" made of marble, however. The last cruise we took was an Alaska cruise on Princess. They offered some dance classes led not by regular instructors but by some of the professional dancers from their shows; they were very good.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by frank
4/13/2010  4:07:00 PM
I have been to as many as 20 cruises but I only use Princess cruise, holand america and lately celebrity (infinity). My experience on these ships are as follows:

Princess(Biggest and smallest ships): The big ships have two ballroom dancing lounge where they play ballroom musics every night. They also have a disco lounge (gorgeous place) at the top end tail of the ship. They play mostly hustle musics and disco but sometimes they play latin musics. They also have a country lounge where they play country music. In other words, they have 4 dance floors to enjoy.

Princess small ships: They have two dance floors where they play ballroom musics. In addition, before every show on the show lounge, people can dance on the stage with the orchestra, about 30 minutes everytime.

Holland america: They have both disco and ballroom dance floors. Two or three dance floors.

Celebrity Infinity: They have three dance floors. Two for ballroom and swing and a third one mostly hustle, swing and disco. There was a ballroom dancing compition which I was not prepared because I did not know and I did not bring a partner with me. There were several ballroom dancing professionals who compete. I met one and we decided to join the competition. It was my first time to compete although, I have been dancing for 45 years. We were voted by the passengers as one of the finalists. The grand final was on the stage where the show is held everynight. believe it or not, my partner and I won the championship. It was very memorable. On the final, before we danced, we were interviewed like what they do on OSCAR NIGHT in Hollywood and the interview was flsahed on the screen where we were about to dance and all the pasengers were there sitting and waiting for us. After the performance, our dance was also viewed on the ship TV everyday and night. As a remembrance, I was given a CD of the performance, a trophy and $200 credit.

Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by Jan567
4/25/2010  9:02:00 AM
Here is my rundown on dancing on cruise ships:

Cunard is my far the best with a full size ballroom. For the first cruise it is more expensive than other lines. After your first trip the past passanger discounts offered makes the price comparable to the other lines.

Next I would say NCL. They have a floating floor underneath the stage and will extend that floor and have good ballroom dancing.

Next would be Princess that although no ballroom floors large enough floors to dance and usually good 3 piece band before and after dinner.

I think Clelbrity is the worst, myself. The floors are very small and not worth it! Wonderful line, just not for dancing.

Same pretty much on Carnival... Just not a ballroom crowd so the line does not offer much in the type of music we would want to dance to.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by belleofyourball
4/25/2010  12:42:00 PM
Costa cruise line is supposed to be having a cruise specifically for ballroom dancers sometime this year. I think you could contact them for more information.

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