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Re: Judging
Posted by belleofyourball
6/19/2011  1:01:00 AM
I hate P/hose in terms of dance. You slip and slide and you can't grip the floor or hold any accuracy in your feet. You may as well spray grease on your feet.

If you need to hide something you can go with fishnets. They aren't slippery, they hide the imperfections and you can get them in a million colors.
Re: Judging
Posted by Guest
7/1/2012  3:01:00 AM
It's quite simple. What judges look for is which couples have had lessons with them. Unfortunately there are many that look for the couples that have contributed to their wages in some way.

Dancesport competitors need to be great politicians paying like senators vast monies for campaigns to even get a look in. Some adgjudicators are fair and I suppose as unbiased as they can be. But too many accounts of both past and present competitors prove the corruption that is sickingly prevalent in this arena. The corrupt judges maintain it and the fair judges just accept it. Why would they question an established system that pays their wages. Real life accounts, personal experience even supposed private conversations overheard between prominent judges and students regarding results of future comps not even danced yet, has convinced this dancer that competitive ballroom is at its creative end.

Bottom line. People who can afford the inflated prices of these prominent teachers/adjudicators will be marked into finals. Couples who make the finals are talented, skilled and probably work very hard. Do the best get through or even win? Hmmmmm. Money over skill. Influence over talent.

We might as well consider running for office. It's starting to smell like politics more and more. Shame, because ballroom dancing is rich both in its history and diversity.
Re: Judging
Posted by Guest
7/5/2012  12:45:00 AM
Timing. It doesn't matter how good a couple look if they go out of time, then out they should go. Timing is the most important
Re: Judging
Posted by quickstep7
7/12/2012  4:14:00 AM
Surely that is a given though! As dancing of time is a COMPLETE NO NO! First rule of dance in my opinion!
Re: Judging
Posted by iluv2dance
7/19/2012  3:51:00 AM
I had this conversation many years ago with a well known coach, I asked if she found that some couples came to her hoping to buy her marks. She replied of course, but the trouble is I've 23 top couples who I see regularly, and I can only put six into a final.
Re: Judging
Posted by phil.samways
7/19/2012  4:27:00 AM
I've come to realise that you can't 'please' a judge, because they all have different things they look for and different preferences (it may be the lady's shoulder lines or timing etc). All that can be done is to minimise anything which may 'offend' a judge. I believe that you don't earn credits in a competition - you earn debits, and the couple with the fewest debits wins.
Re: Judging
Posted by quickstep7
7/19/2012  4:46:00 AM
You are spot on. As a judge I would say this is exactly the point. We all look for different things and provided you don't "piss us off" you will do rather well.
Re: Judging
Posted by Guest
5/21/2017  5:53:00 PM
Judging. There was a time a few years ago when it was being considered that a a judge should disqualify themselves from judging their own couples. In the early in rounds this for obvious reasons would not be possible. But in the finals of a competition it would be possible. Anyway it never was enforced. But this is what can and did happen in a major
competition where i live. On past performances the winner would be between two couples. and third would be as always the same couple. One judge was marking his couple first and the other couple he was marking low. The other judge was doing the same. Guess who came out the winner. The winner was the couple who always came third. They came first.
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