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Re: Falling for my teacher
Posted by ballroomchick
4/12/2012  12:45:00 PM
If one is not careful one can easily get sucked in by the allusion. Working often to get ready for competition you need to keep in mind what is the romantic allusion of the dance, what is shtick from the instructor to keep his student in the moment of the number, and what he does to keep the girls interested in coming back for more lessons. They all do it to some degree. I paid for it when I went to Arthur Murrys when I lost all confidence in my dancing ability years ago. They all dripped the gewy "how happy I was there" yada yada yada - every time I walked through the door. I was always amazed at how so many of the students drank this shtick down as real. Use the good feeling it gives you for your performance, but don't swallow the punch.
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