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Re: Falling for my teacher
Posted by belleofyourball
4/13/2012  2:59:00 PM
I don't want to sound jaded because some dance relationships work out. I know it is possible that he has feelings. I have to say really listen to the other two ladies. The chains are famous for making people think there is a budding relationship....that is how they make money. Many independent pros started there and it is just part of what they know and how they behave. It is intimate too and it is easy to get confused.

So the little test you can run is simple without risking your own feelings or any embarrassment. A guy who truly has feelings for you will be worried more about what you need and making you happy then making a ton of cash off of you. So when he tries to sell you the next package pay attention to who he is really looking after, you or his pocketbook (studio's best interest). If he blatantly takes you for as much cash as he can he doesn't care about you. Remember also objectivity because you may not want to admit the truth because you do have feelings. If you find yourself making excuses for why what he is doing is okay then you have a problem. Even if he does have feelings for you would you want to be someone who is willing to do whatever it takes and say whatever it takes to get to your wallet? I know that's not who I want to date.
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