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Re: How much weight is too much for ballroom danci
Posted by Christianne
5/4/2012  5:17:00 AM
Dear Mom4xs,

Dear, dear woman: if you love it, please do (with ok from doctor)! I'm 58 and weigh more than you do (right now , and while I do struggle at times and sometimes consider giving up, my love for dancing just won't let me give up. I started 2 years ago, and for the very first time in my entire life, found a physical activity that enhances mind, body, and soul, and that I absolutely LOVE. Granted, I've taken a couple of hiatuses over the last 2 years, but keep going back. And when a dance comes together on that ballroom floor in the arms of a wonderful leader - it's a high that no drink or drug could ever achieve!

That being said, there are some things that I've discovered along the way (and some are mentioned in the other dancers' answers to your question).

My first teacher had about 30 years experience with teaching social ballroom and volunteers teaching dance classes at a local senior center once a week. He was never heavily into competing and loves helping other people find the joy of social dancing. He understood that I don't have a 30-year old's body and that knees hurt, hips creak, and my reaction time is sometimes a bit sluggish as I learn to follow. BUT he was able to work with me with all of that. I've since worked with a couple of other teachers and learned to look for what I need in a dance teacher: someone who can work with a curvy dancing goddess

It's taken a very slow albeit steady build up in stamina. I stick with American style because it seems to be a bit easier on my body: waltz, foxtrot, rumba, tango, with an occasional cha cha thrown in. I've also found that beginner's bachata is a bit gentler on my body than salsa, at this time. And just recently discovered that the bar is rather high for west coast swing on the social dance floor, so that may have to wait a while until I'm stronger.

Thank you so much for asking your question!
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