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Re: Rumba Rhythm
Posted by dancelover2012
11/28/2012  9:27:00 AM
Thanks for your explaination with scholar knowlege. Thank to it I know more.

But maybe something I forget to make it clear: I only want to know about Rumba music, not how to dance Rumba, that is, I want to know about the dominant beat in Rumba music using in world dance competitions. I do not mention about we should break on weak beat or strong beat in Rumba dancing.

1. Listen to any rumba song now, without Afro-Cuban Clave, it is easy to recognize one strong beat follow by a weak beat. Is the strong beat 1 (and 3) and the weak beat 2 (and 4)? The question is the same with "Is rumba played normal (agogic stress) or syncopated?"

2. In Rhythm To Results - Rumba of Ton Greten, he said Rumba music has a strong beat on 4. You can hear the clave and bongo at below links



You can hear only beat 4 is strong, the remain beat 1/2/3 are weak. In this way, beat 4 is modified to be a percussive accent. And this form is not a syncopation.

3. But in Walter Laird book, page 37, he wrote: percussive accents associated with the 2nd beat (slight) and the 4th beat (predominant) of each bar. In this way, Rumba music is played syncopated.

My question is that what is the "right" Rumba music for world dance competitions?

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