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Re: Rumba Rhythm
Posted by O.Z.
11/28/2012  2:08:00 PM
It does get confusing. If you can watch a demonstration by a world class Latin Dancer in the Rumba.Note I have used the word, demonstration. We have seen a couple dancing to Shirly Bassy " The Greatest Performance of My Life ". Danced by Donnie Burns.Then we have Celon Dion singing The Theme from the film " Titanic " Or, Till you came into my life sung by Colm Wilkinson and danced by Paul Killick. How about the Lady in Red I would like a dollar for every time I have danced to that one. That sung by the composer has a distinct accent on beat 4. So what is a Rumba going to be in the future. Will it be a recording that the genral public will buy. Some artist wether by design or accident do record music that is suitable for the Rumba. Several of Elton John`s come into that catogory.
" Blessed ". being one of them. I really dont believe that music which worries about Claves and Sons and Bongos will cause the genral public to run out and buy it. Another point ...Who knows how one step forward on beat two is being counted these days. Try on 2 and er. Any argument there see Espen Salsberg.He can easily be found with Slavik providing the action.. Another point I would to make is. I have watched African Dancing danced to a Djembie drum which is authentic. Up to this point I have seen nothing that even remotely resembles a Cuban Motion or a Rumba. It has its roots in Cuba and Cuba only.
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