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Rumba hip movement help
Posted by meditative_dancer04
11/30/2012  11:24:00 AM
I have been dancing for almost 5 months. Recently I realized that while doing my basic step-whenever I have to shift my weight- my body went in a zig zag manner, I was unable to make the figure 8 of the Cuban rocks during the basic step. On checking out a video on you tube, I was told that I should push my hips backward while doing a weight shift.

When I tried that I started to lose balance and started stumbling. Since my focus was on my hips my leg work for basic step, hand to hand, New Yorker and Spot turns all went wrong. The lead suffered the most. I kept on losing my balance even during the simplest routine.

How should I practice so that I am able to focus on balance,lead,leg work and hips so that I can look graceful? What changes should I make and how should I practice?

One more thing, I have seen the way Derek Hough of DWTS makes sharp turns. I have just learnt the Spot turn but I am not able to make it sharp, any suggestions?

I do realize that what I am asking takes years of practice, but I feel that if I can know the correct technique,right focusing points and the correct way to practice during the Basic level itself, I will be able to dance much better when I reach an advanced level.
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