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Re: Rumba Rhythm
Posted by terence2
12/1/2012  4:59:00 AM

What Wally meant was.. the "2", was the break point in each bar .

Dominant is a word that needs to be very specific. Most people recognise the "downbeat " ( the "1" ) hence its often given dominance. However, IF one for e.g. were learning to dance Son,( heres the word,) the " Emphasis " would be on "4 " primarily on the 2nd bar and is quite dominant.

I believe a better choice of word may be "stressed " .

Take salsa for e.g... the dominant teaching choice seems to be "1" , altho the musical intent is for the "2".. Then it begs the Q.. is it incorrect to use "1" ?.. answer, it depends upon the song being played . KNOWING which is most suitable, is where the problems lay. Often cited as dancing on Rhythm or Melody .

Back when, when we taught Mambo, only "2" was acceptable, and ,mambo is one of the main contributors, to the format we use today, for both Rumba and Cha Cha. The prime difference, is now the choice of music ( altho in fairness, it has improved in Cha Cha ).

There is one world class Latin coach , who firmly believes that. the music side has gone down the wrong path.... just sayin
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